logo-codered-stacked_11_26_2014_11_36_38_AMThe Department of Emergency Management has rolled out a new program called CodeRED®, which provides public safety officials a simple yet powerful tool to communicate with city personnel, residents, businesses and even tourists during forthcoming disasters or emergency situations.  

    This service gives the Department of Emergency Management the ability to contact you for any situations that could affect you directly. Those who register can opt to receive text messages, emails and/or phone call messages. Whether it be a hurricane heading our way, an evacuation order, a missing child in a certain area, or even an active shooter in a neighborhood, we have the capability to contact you directly to your home phone or any electronic device.

    In order to be connected to the CodeRED® Notification System from Miami Beach, you must sign up to ensure your information is included in our system. 

    To sign up, click here to fill out the registration form. 

    Once you register your phone number(s) and email, you will automatically be registered for the emergency notification service. You will then be asked if you wish to receive optional alerts such as water line breaks, water shutdowns and boil water notices, as well as major traffic issues.


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