• Collins Express (Limited Stops Service)

    In an effort to improve the efficiency of the City's Trolley service as well as enhance passengers' transit experience, affective November 1, 2017 the City is replacing the existing Collins Link trolley service by the limited stop Collins Express trolley service. Collins Express limited stop service reduces the number of transfers currently required to travel between North Beach, Middle Beach, and South Beach, and will reduce travel times, thereby resulting in a quicker and more attractive and efficient intercity trolley service. The new service will be extended to Washington Avenue Lincoln Road on south side and 88 Street on the north end. Frequency of new Collins Express trolley service will be approximately 20 minutes.


    Collins Express serves all bus stops along Collins Avenue between 44 Street and 63 Street.

    Additionally, Collins Express serves the following bus stops:

    South Beach and Middle Beach (south of 44 Street):

    • Washington Avenue/17 Street
    • Lincoln Road/Washington Avenue
    • Collins Avenue/21 Street
    • Collins Avenue/22 Street
    • Collins Avenue/24 Street
    • Indian Creek Drive/29 Street
    • Collins Avenue/31 Street
    • Collins Avenue/38 Street
    • Collins Avenue/43 Street
    • Indian Creek Drive/40 Street
    • Indian Creek Drive/43 Street

    North Beach (north of 63 Street):

    • Collins Avenue/69 Street
    • Collins Avenue/73 Street
    • Collins Avenue/77 Street
    • Collins Avenue/85 Street
    • Harding Avenue/87 Street
    • Harding Avenue/85 Street
    • Harding Avenue/81 Street
    • Harding Avenue/77 Street
    • Harding Avenue/75 Street
    • Abbott Avenue/72 Street
    • Abbott Avenue/69 Street


    Collins Express Map

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