Certificate Of Occupancy/Completion Info

All new buildings, additions to existing buildings or a change made in the occupancy must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion prior to the building to be occupied.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Building Official upon completion of the new construction of a building or as change of use/occupancy and installation of electrical, gas, mechanical, elevator and plumbing systems in accordance with technical codes, and specifications of the plans submitted for plan review.

Certificate of Completion (CC)

A Certificate of Completion is proof that a structure or system is complete and all permits related to the project have received all the required inspections to include a passing final building inspection. The Building Official may issue a Certificate of Completion once all of the required inspections have been performed and approved for the rehabilitation, remodeling or repairs of a structure when a certificate of occupancy is not required. This certificate does not grant authority to occupy a space prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

When do you need to obtain a CO/CC?

A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupancy of a new building or a change of use and occupancy, or in the case that an addition has been made to an existing building or a change made in the occupancy of a building.

To Obtain A Certificate of Occupancy/Completion

Once you have obtained all finals on all permits and sub-permits attached to your master permit, please fill out a CO/CC Request Form and drop it off at the Building Administration section.

Note: For threshold buildings, the threshold engineer will need to submit for a 3 ring binder with all the final laboratory test results.

To Obtain A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion

You must obtain a TCO/TCC approval for each trade for which you have a required final inspection.

Once you have obtained all TCO/TCC inspections required, please submit the TCO/TCC Request Form to the Building Official’s office to request a receipt for the amount to be paid for your temporary certificate. Next, proceed to the payment kiosks in the Building Department lobby or the cashier station on the first floor to pay the receipt amount.

If you have questions regarding the process for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion or to obtain an application, please contact the Building Official’s office at 305.673.7610 x6868.