Permit Appointments

Appointments to meet with the Building Official/Director, Deputy Director, or Operations Manager can be scheduled in person at the Building Department’s Administration office or you may contact us by telephone at 305.673.7610 x 6868.

Ana Salgueiro, P.E. – Building Official/Interim Director

Narinder Singh, Interim Deputy Director

Antonio “Tony” Gonzalez, Building Operations Manager

Appointments to meet with a Section Chief can be scheduled by contacting them directly by telephone or email.

Candelario Martinez, Chief Electrical Inspector
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6771

Laura Ferrer, Chief Mechanical Inspector
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6489

James Zeigler, Chief Plumbing Inspector
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6742

Mohsen Jarahpour, Governmental Compliance Coordinator
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6770

Adrian Avalos, Chief Building Code Compliance Officer
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6045

Lancelot Bacchus, Chief Roofing Inspector
Ph. 305.673.7610 x 6777