Owner Notification & Repair Process

How is the owner notified?

When a building is due to submit a report for the 40/10 year recertification, the Building Department will send a notice to the Owner or Owner’s representative via certified mail.

Procedures after notification:

The owner of a Building who has been notified that a 40/10 year recertification is required for their building, shall furnish within ninety (90) days of the receipt of the Notification of Building Recertification a complete written report; which has to be submitted to the Building Official.

The reports must be prepared by a Professional Engineer or an Architect registered in the State of Florida, certifying that each such building or structure is structurally and electrically safe, or has been made structurally and electrically safe for the specified use for continued occupancy in conformity with the minimum inspection procedural guidelines as issued by the Miami Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals.

Building Re-certification reports shall bear the impressed seal and signature of the certifying Engineer and or Architect.

Failure to submit the required Building Recertification report within the maximum time limitation of (90 days) will result in the issuance of a Building Violation and a late fee of $250.00 will be charged against the Building.

If repairs are required:

In the event that repairs or modifications are found to be necessary resulting from the building recertification inspection, the Owner shall have a total of 150 days from the date of the Notice of Required Inspection in which to complete indicated repairs or modifications in compliance with all applicable Sections of the Florida Building Code.

The Owner of the property must hire a State of Florida Licensed Contractor and obtain permits from the Building Department prior to performing any repairs or modifications. Once all permits receive an approved final inspection from the electrical and/or structural inspectors, the Professional Engineer and/or the Registered Architect of record must submit a signed and sealed report stating that all repairs have been completed and the building is structurally and electrically safe for continued use.

Building recertification approval:

The Owner must submit a report that has been prepared by a Professional Engineer and/or Registered Architect licensed in the State of Florida, to the Building Department Governmental Compliance Section, certifying that the building is structurally and electrically safe for the specified use and occupancy in conformity with the minimum inspection procedure. Upon submittal of the report the Governmental Compliance Section will schedule an electrical and structural inspection. The City of Miami Beach Building Department Electrical and Structural Inspectors will perform an inspection to verify the general safety conditions of the building. If the inspector finds any code or life safety deficiencies in the building, the repairs must be corrected prior to a new inspection being performed.

When the recertification reports have been approved, the Building Official will issue a Building Recertification approval letter that will be sent to the Owner and the Professional Engineer and/or Architect of record. Retain this letter as proof of approval.

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