Brittany Bay Park Seawall

Project Phase – Construction

Project Location

Brittany Bay Park is located on the intracoastal waterway, just north of the 63 Street Bridge and west of Indian Creek Drive.

Scope of Work

This project will be the City’s s second hybrid design incorporating a structural seawall with a living shoreline. The seawall rehabilitation was designed to protect several mangroves trees in the area and to allow for planting of additional mangrove trees, as well as other native and resilient wetland plants near the shore.

These improvements will not only revitalize the waterfront, but also enhance the surrounding riparian and intertidal environment by creating new habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species and improving water quality via filtration of upland run-off.

The scope of work for this project also includes the removal of invasive, exotic trees and plants along the seawall. In order to protect the existing mangroves, several trees within the park will also need to be removed to accommodate the installation and proper bracing of the new seawall. This canopy will be mitigated with 27 trees, including green buttonwood, gumbo limbo, sea grape, pitch apple, and a mix of mangrove species. All trees that will be removed have been permitted and will be tagged prior to removal.

In addition to the new hybrid seawall, the Project also includes an overlook deck that will connect park users to the living seawall’s edge; improved pathways and site furniture; and pedestrian lighting to enhance security and safety.


The contractor, Shoreline Foundation Inc. began mobilizing on the week of 8/7/2017 to initiate the rehabilitation of the seawall. Construction is anticipated to completed by Fall 2018.

Project Timeline

Design Start: September 2016

Construction Start: August 2017

Construction Completion Expected: Fall 2018

Project Team

Senior Capital Improvements Project Coordinator: Mina Samadi
Capital Projects Coordinator: Eric Arencibia

CIP is working in coordination with the Department of Environment & Sustainability for design and permitting on the seawall project. Sustainability Manager:  Flavia Tonioli

Designer: Brindley Pieters & Associates, Inc.

Public Information Specialist: Lauren Firtel