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News Releases

Feb 2018: City Shines a Sustainable Light on Parking Garages
Feb 2018: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Belle Isle Park Playground
Feb 2018: North Shore Open Space Park Gets a New Name
Feb 2018: City Recognized for Innovative Complete Streets Initiative
Feb 2018: Artists Selected for the Annual Miami Beach Youth Music Festival
Feb 2018: Miami Yacht Show Implements Sustainable Show Plan Two Years Ahead of Schedule
Feb 2018: Statement from Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales
Jan 2018: Free Tax Preparation Services on Miami Beach
Jan 2018: City Launches Website Portal Dedicated to Resiliency
Jan 2018: Miami Beach Hosts Canadian Minister of Environment & Climate Change
Jan 2018: Ribbon Cutting for Muss Park Pavilion
Jan 2018: Miami Beach Issues Order Revoking Business License
Jan 2018: Miami Beach Ciclovia Sponsored by Miami-Dade County Bike 305
Jan 2018: Dedication of South Pointe Water Feature
Jan 2018: City Becomes First to Adopt Sustainable Smart Water Solutions
Jan 2018: Miami Beach Pedals on with its Bike-Friendly Initiatives
Jan 2018: City Hall Lights Up Blue to Support Law Enforcement
Jan 2018: Women Worth Knowing 2018  Nomination Form
Dec 2017: Trolley Service Extended for NYE
Dec 2017: MBPD Host Annual Toy Drive
Dec 2017: MBPD Home for the Holidays
Dec 2017: Rescued Yellowstone Osprey to be Released
Dec 2017: City Receives Green Donation from Design Miami
Dec 2017: Miami Beach is in High-Gear Again with Bike & Pedestrian Safety
Dec 2017: City of Miami Beach Hosts 2017 Art Week
Nov 2017: World Kindness Day
Nov 2017: Swearing-In Ceremony for New Mayor and Commissioners
Nov 2017: Swimming Advisory Lifted for North Shore
Nov 2017: Celebrate Veterans Day on Miami Beach
Nov 2017: Miami Beach LEEDs the Way in the Renewable Energy Revolution
Nov 2017: 2017 MEI Press Release
Nov 2017: Swimming Advisory North Shore
Oct 2017: City Recovers Nearly $3.5 Million of Stolen Funds
Oct 2017: Miami Beach Trolley Expands to Complete Citywide Circulator
Oct 2017: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Sabrina’s Playground
Oct 2017: Swimming Advisory Lifted for Collins Park Beach
Oct 2017: City Renews Licensing Agreement with Design Miami
Oct 2017: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for West Avenue Bridge
Oct 2017: Updated FDOH Message
Oct 2017: Florida Department of Health Message
Oct 2017: City Expands City Code for Affordable Housing
Oct 2017: Film Incentive
Oct 2017: Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Coming to Miami Beach
Oct 2017: Miami Beach Behavioral Health Program Expands Student Reach
Oct 2017: The True Building Blocks of the Community
Oct 2017: Open Call for Talented Miami Beach Youth Musicians
Oct 2017: Miami Beach Celebra La Diversidad
Oct 2017: Miami Beach Convention Center Plaque Unveiling
Oct 2017: Miami Beach Police Arrest Ernesto Orsetti
Sept 2017: Art Basel Enters into Long-Term Agreement with City
Sept 2017: North Shore Tennis Center to Host the 2017 World ITF Seniors Championships
Sept 2017: Indian Creek Advisory
Sept 2017: Beach, Please!
Sept 2017: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Designating 24 ST as Woman’s Way
Sept 2017: Hurricane Irma Alert
Sept 2017: Miami-Dade County Issues Voluntary Evacuation Order for Coastal Cities
Sept 2017: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for South Pointe Park Water Feature
Aug 2017: Miami Beach Kicks Off Ocean Drive Pilot Program
Aug 2017: Swimming Advisory Lifted for 53 ST
Aug 2017: Swimming Advisory 53 ST
Aug 2017: Miami Beach Expands Behavioral Health Access Program
Aug 2017: School Drop Off Just Got Easier in Miami Beach
Aug 2017: Miami Beach Launches Bicycle Repair Station Pilot Program
Aug 2017: 2017 HAC Hispanic Heritage Month Award Nomination
Aug 2017: Neat Streets Miami Awards Tree Matching Grant to Miami Beach
Aug 2017: Swimming Advisory North Shore 73 ST
Aug 2017: Miami Beach receives Half a Million Dollars for Middle Beach Trolley
Jul 2017: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the MBCC
Jul 2017: Beachfront Businesses Are Committed to Keep Our Beaches Clean
Jul 2017: Miami Beach to Ban Plastic Pollutants
Jul 2017: Miami Beach’s Centennial Book Unveiling
Jul 2017: Miami Beach Scores $3 Million Grant for Atlantic Greenway
Jul 2017: Miami Beach Teen Club to Join Pink Floyd Co-Founder
Jul 2017: City Urges Federal Circuit to Support Transgender Veterans Access to Medical Care
Jun 2017: Leave Your Mark on Miami Beach
Jun 2017: 2017 Fire on the Fourth
Jun 2017: Miami Beach Receives USCM Climate Protection Award
Jun 2017: Mayor Levine to Moderate Climate Change Panel
Jun 2017: Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez Leading the Nation to Diversity

Jun 2017: Miami Beach Blooms with an Orchid Comeback
Jun 2017: Miami Beach Sun care Covers Heampstead, NY Residents
May 2017: Mayor Levine Will Hold an Emergency Press Conference
May 2017: City Steps Up to Salvage World OutGames Activities
May 2017: Statement Regarding the World OutGames Cancellations
May 2017: Teen Club Debuts Impossible The Hope Reily Story
May 2017: City Incentivizes Private Properties to Register Security Cameras
May 2017: Miami Beach Honors Veterans on Memorial Day
May 2017: Successful Sunscreen Dispenser Program Extended
May 2017: Miami Beach Recognized as 2017 Playful City USA Community
May 2017: Enjoy a Staycation on Miami Beach this MDW
May 2017: City Recognized As Most Bicycle Friendly City in South Florida
May 2017: Miami Beach Joins the South Florida Commuter Challenge
Apr 2017: City Supports National PTA Resolution on LGBTQ Youth
Apr 2017: Imposition of High Impact Weekend Measures
Apr 2017: MBFD Receives Highest Insurance Service Rating in History
Apr 2017: Easing Residents’ Financial Stress at a Successful Rate
Apr 2017: City Launches ‘Safe Place’ Initiative for LGBTQ Community
Apr 2017: Surfs Up! Spring Break Camp for Kids with Autism is Back
Apr 2017: A Day at the Beach for Kids with Special Needs
Apr 2017: City Adds Stiffer Fines for Blocking Major Thoroughfares
Mar 2017: Raising LGBTQ Pride Flag
Mar 2017: Lighting Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month 2017
Mar 2017: City Awarded Engineering Project and Engineer of the Year
Mar 2017: Woman Arrested for Vacation Rental Fraud on Miami Beach
Mar 2017: Bringing Nutrition Education to Parents and Kids
Mar 2017: Miami Beach Vows to be a City of Kindness
Mar 2017: City Takes Extra Measures to Ensure a Safe Spring Break
Feb 2017:  Miami Beach is Over the Moon with Oscar Win
Feb 2017:  Statement regarding incidents in Miami Beach this weekend
Feb 2017:  Miami Beach Launches Resident Connect
Feb 2017:  City Hosts Fire Promotion Ceremony with Surprise Visit
Feb 2017:  Miami Beach Kicks Off Commemorative Tree Program
Feb 2017:  Miami Beach Schools Are No Place for Hate
Feb 2017:  Leave Your Mark on Miami Beach
Feb 2017:  City to Add Native Species to Lush Tropical Landscape
Feb 2017:  Honoring Police Deputy Chief Mark N Overton
Feb 2017:  Free Tax Preparation Services on Miami Beach
Jan 2017:  Nominate a Miami Beach Woman Worth Knowing
Nomination Form
Jan 2017:  Artists Selected for the Inaugural Youth Music Festival
Jan 2017:  MB Continues Commitment to Phase-Out Polystyrene
Jan 2017:  City Creates ‘Safe Place’ Initiative for LGBTQ Community
Jan 2017:  Miami Beach Designates Voluntary Smoke-Free Zones
Jan 2017:  Coast into the Weekend on a Water Taxi