Media Inquiries

Miami Beach Police Department Media Relations Office acts in compliance with federal and state public records laws and in the best interest of the department, media, residents and visitors of the City of Miami Beach.  Media inquiries and records requests are handled in a timely manner during normal business hours.

Office Hours:

Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

After hours and on weekends, a Media Relations Officer (PIO) is on-call for emergencies and significant breaking news events.  After hours, the on-call PIO will generally not have information regarding routine police cases.  In addition, on-call PIO’s are not available to provide updated information about previous cases, or details regarding incidents that are primarily being handled by other agencies.

MBPD on-call PIO’s should only be contacted after hours, only for emergencies and/or significant, breaking news events that are being primarily handled by MBPD.  The on-call PIO changes on a scheduled basis; therefore, the most efficient way to reach a PIO after hours is to call the Communications Department Supervisor at: 305.673.7900 and request the on-call PIO.  The Communications Supervisor will ONLY contact a PIO when the incident meets the criteria for a call-out and/or when requested by the Patrol Division.

To ensure proper and timely response (after hours) members of the media should not attempt to contact PIO’s via their cell phones.  On-call procedures require that PIO’s respond to after hours request received from the Communications Supervisor.

Public Information Officer/Spokesperson
Officer Ernesto Rodriguez

For the quickest response please email: