How to become a Vendor?

Looking for Bid Opportunities?

The Procurement has implemented a partnership with Public Purchase. Public Purchase is a web-based service that allows the distribution of competitive solicitations and quotes to maximize the number of potential vendors reached by governmental agencies through an easy to use e-Procurement system. If you would like to be notified of available competitive solicitations and quotes released by the City of Miami Beach, Florida, you must register your company through Public Purchase Registration is easy and will only take a few minutes.

Public Purchase provides the most comprehensive and easy to use web-based e-Procurement System designed exclusively for use by government agencies and their vendors. The system is compliant with all regulations which set forth the required procedures for public procurement notifications.

Go to today to register your company to receive competitive solicitations and quotes from the City of Miami Beach, Florida. Don’t forget that once your registration with Public Purchase is complete and activated, you will then be required to register with the City of Miami Beach by using the same link and clicking on the “Register with Agency” on the top right hand side of the screen.

The City of Miami Beach will require you to complete two (2) steps in renewing or beginning your registration. 1) You will need to select the NIGP commodity code(s) that relate to your business so you can receive email notifications of future bid opportunities. 2) You will be prompted to fill out a W-9 for the City’s records. These steps will be automated if you follow the process outlined above.

Should you have any questions regarding this new system or registration, please visit the above link or contact The Public Group at or 1-800- 591-5546. Of course, you may always contact the City of Miami Beach, Procurement Department at 305-673-7490.

How to Manage or Create a Vendor Profile on Vendor Self Service

The City has finalized the transition to a new financial software. One of the many new features available within our new financial system is our online Vendor Self- Service webpage, which provides City vendors the ability to update contact, W-9, and commodities information easily. The Vendor Self-Service (VSS) webpage will also provide you with purchase order and payment information.

In addition, future solicitations and purchase orders could be sent electronically to the e-mail provided by you. Make sure to keep accurate and up to date information to ensure you receive them timely. You will be able to add multiple contacts, other than your main (Example: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.) for your convenience. Make sure to properly identify them during the registration process and frequently maintain them current thereafter.

The Vendor Self-Service webpage can be located at:

Once you access the Vendor Self-Service webpage referenced above, the registration process will depend on whether your vendor profile already exist in our system or if you are a new vendor, who has never conducted business with the City in the past.

  1. New Vendors:
    If you and/or your organization have never transacted with the City or have not done so in a very long time, you will be required to start a brand new registration. Fill in all the requested information in the webpage and follow directions to complete your registration.
  2. Existing Vendors:
    If you and/or your organization have recently transacted with the City and/or a vendor number has already been assigned, then you may only need to fill the portion for “Existing Vendors Only”. You will be required to enter your vendor ID and the corresponding Federal ID/ EIN or Social Security number.

During your registration you will be prompted to select a “Vendor Type”. Please select “R” for Regular Vendor. Also make sure to review all the information and attach a current form W-9.
We feel that this new system will allow us to streamline our procurement processes and utilize technology to better communicate with you. Please feel free to provide feedback regarding your registration experience. Should you have any questions and/or comments, do not hesitate to submit them to .