Eligibility Requirements

Only non-profit cultural organizations with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or cultural departments within an institution of higher learning (college or university) with tax-exempt status under other subsections of 501(c)(3) are eligible. Cultural Affairs staff will determine eligibility and discuss guidelines with applicants during the required consultation. Organizations applying through a “fiscal agent” are not eligible. Organizations which received prior year Cultural Affairs grant funding and which did not comply with the Grant Agreement and/or other requirements pursuant to same are ineligible to apply. Additionally, organizations which received funding from the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (VCA) during the same fiscal year are not eligible to apply. Applicants are required to furnish a minimum $1 to $1 funding match (cash, in-kind, or combination of both). A City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs grant shall not be considered the sole source of funding. Applicants are encouraged to explore additional funding sources such as the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs 305.375.4634; Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs 850.487.2980; and private sources.

Required Staff Consultations

Qualified cultural organizations must schedule an initial consultation with Cultural Affairs staff to determine eligibility. Additional staff consultations will be required prior to submission of the final application to determine completeness and acceptability. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applicants must provide copies of the following documents by the application deadline or the application will be automatically declined:

• Organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status letter dated within the past two years. Updated letters can be obtained via fax and via mail by calling the Internal Revenue Service at 1.877.829.5500. Please also note that nonprofit corporations are required to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services per the Solicitation of Contributions Act, https://www.freshfromflorida.com/Business-Services/Solicitation-of-Contributions, under Charitable Organizations.

• Signed IRS Form 990 reflecting organization’s prior year budget.

Please note a mandatory 1:1 match is required for all grants.

Grant applicants must demonstrate that matching funds in the full amount of the grant award have been secured prior to receiving the first grant payment. The City will review and approve audited financial statements detailing the match through cash, grants, and/or in-kind contributions, of which in-kind contributions may not exceed 25% of the Total Project Budget. Line item changes to the Grant Award Budget shall not exceed ten percent (10%) per category, and shall, in no event, exceed the total amount of Grant Funds. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, amendments to the itemized Grant Award Budget shall not be permitted without the prior written consent of the Cultural Affairs Program Manager. Said requests shall be made in writing, detailing and justifying the need for such changes, in advance of the Project’s commencement.

Proposed cultural projects must:

• Be only new work or work that has not previously been presented in Miami Beach;
• Be presented in the City of Miami Beach between October 1 of the current year and September 30 of the following year (City of Miami Beach’s Fiscal Year);
• Have a minimum $1 to $1 match; and
• Be accessible to the public.

Allowable Grant Expenditures:

  • Artistic, technical, and outside artistic fees directly related to the proposed program or event that occurred within the City of Miami Beach;
  • Marketing, publicity, and printing;
  • Honoraria;
  • Postage;
  • Equipment rental and expendable materials;
  • Equipment rental and personnel necessary to provide program accessibility as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973;
  • Space rental (performance-related only); and
  • Production costs related to the proposed program, project or event.

Grant Funds may not be used towards the following activities or items:

  • Remuneration of City of Miami Beach employees for any services rendered as part of a project funded by the City’s Cultural Affairs grant programs;
  • Administrative salaries or fees (Cultural Anchors are excluded from this restriction);
  • “Brick and mortar” expenses or permanent equipment; unless the purchase price is less than the cost of rental;
  • City of Miami Beach fees or services (permit fees, off duty police, electricians, insurance, etc.);
  • Debt reduction;
  • Indirect or general operating costs related to the operation of the organization (Cultural Anchors are excluded from this restriction);
  • Travel or transportation;
  • Insurance Fees (Cultural Anchors are excluded from this restriction);
  • Social and/or fundraising events, beauty pageants or sporting events;
  • Hospitality costs, including decorations or affiliate personnel, with the exception of artists;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Lobbying or propaganda materials;
  • Charitable contributions; and
  • Events not open to the public, unless the event serves to specifically benefit City of Miami Beach government and has been previously approved as such by the Cultural Affairs Program Manager.

Please contact Cultural Affairs Program staff for any questions regarding grant related expenditures.

Program Policies

The Cultural Affairs Grants Program is a public process governed by the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law. All Panel meetings shall be advertised and open to the public and all documents are available for inspection by the public.

Past receipt of grant awards, financial need, and merit of an application do not in themselves guarantee funding. Prior year grant recipients must submit a completed final report form no later than the date indicated in their current grant, in order to be eligible to receive next year’s grant funds if awarded. Additionally, once the final report has been reviewed, grant recipients must submit any additional required documentation by the deadline provided or the grant recipient will be non-compliant and ineligible to receive remaining grant funds, and ineligible to receive next year’s grant funds if awarded.

Multiple organizations may not apply for grant funding towards the same project. An organization may submit only one application each grant year.

Cultural Affairs and the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council do not fund capital expenditures; travel outside of the local Miami-Dade County area; hospitality; debt reduction; organizational fundraising; cash awards, City of Miami Beach services; or administrative and staff salaries.

During the application process, applicants may contact the Grants and Operations Administrator at 305.673.7577 ext. 6374 or the Cultural Affairs Program Manager at 305.673.7577 ext. 6256. Applicants shall not engage in any communication with Cultural Arts Council Panel members. Violations may result in disqualification from consideration of application to the Grants Program or, if after selection, disqualification from the Grants Program.

All grant recipients must provide equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services, and may not discriminate on the basis of handicap, color, creed, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

In the event that Cultural Affairs staff determines the need to monitor grant recipients and events funded by these City grants, the Cultural Affairs staff may request tickets or waived admission for distribution to Cultural Arts Council members.


All grantees must include the City of Miami Beach logo and the following credit line in all publications related to the Grant: City of Miami Beach, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Arts Council. Failure to do so may preclude future grant funding from the City in the same manner as if the Grantee defaulted under their Grant contract, pursuant to Article II-12.

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