• Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

    The southeast region of Florida is considered one of the most vulnerable areas in the United States to the impacts of global climate change and sea level rise. The City of Miami Beach recognizes this vulnerability and is developing short-term and long-term adaptation strategies to improve the City’s resilience. The City’s existing initiatives include its Stormwater Management Master Plan, which is the first municipal stormwater management plan in the region to account for projected sea level rise. Additionally, the City has engaged the community in a series of public meetings and workshops regarding sea level rise and resiliency planning. Learn more about these past events here!

    In February 2013, the City Commission adopted Resolution No. 2013-28142 approving the implementation of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact’s (Compact) Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) and endorsing the Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge. The Compact represents a joint commitment by Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties to partner in mitigating the causes and adapting to the anticipated consequences of climate change. These efforts are guided by the RCAP, which provides a framework for integrating climate adaptation and mitigation strategies into existing regional and local government systems. To learn more about the Compact and the RCAP, please visit the Compact’s website.

    As the County’s municipal representative in the Compact’s Steering Committee, the City is committed to collaborating with the Compact to improve regional resilience. The City is currently in the process of evaluating the RCAP’s 110 recommendations and determining their applicability to the City’s existing plans and vision for the future. The City will continue to monitor and update its existing plans as new data and adaptation strategies become availableThe City will be releasing quarterly reports to update the community on these efforts.  The first report will be available in May and will be posted on this webpage.

    In addition to local and regional focus, the City has begun a dialogue with the Dutch government. To learn more about the one-day seminar hosted by the City of Miami Beach, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the University of Miami, please visit our Resilient Miami Beach page.

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