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    On October 14, 2015, the City Commission adopted a resolution endorsing the Compact of Mayors pledge, where the City committed to reduce local GHG emissions; measure the community emissions inventory using a consistent and robust standard; identify climate-related hazards; set data-based targets for the future; and develop a climate action plan.

    The Environment & Sustainability (E&S) Department completed the City’s first community-wide and government GHG inventories using 2014 as the baseline year. The second community-wide and government GHG inventories have been compiled for 2015.As part of the City of Miami Beach Rising Above Resiliency Strategy, the E&S Department is collaborating with operational departments to develop appropriate targets to reduce the City’s emissions for the upcoming years by creating a Climate Action Plan. The Rising Above Resiliency Strategy should be complete by early 2018.

    The E&S Department is also working with several departments to compile the City’s government buildings’ energy consumption data into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform. The Energy Star Portfolio Manager is an online platform that measures and tracks energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, and is used to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings. The Property Management Division and E&S Department are also exploring utility bill management software to track and audit any energy (or non-energy) commodity and any type of bill detail. EnergyCAP is a software that Miami-Dade County is currently using that also correlates cost and consumption information, providing granular and summary-level data for analytics that yield actionable insights. This software could assist the City reduce energy consumption and emissions, and save money. 

    By establishing targets for the upcoming years, the City will be able to reduce GHG emissions to combat climate change, track progress, and enhance resilience to climate change. These efforts will assist the City in bouncing back from shocks and stressors in the face of climate change. 

    View the reports here:
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