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    Governance refers to the manner in which information technology is managed and controlled. Effective Governance can enhance levels of respect and credibility between business units and internal technology providers, help to align technology solutions with business needs, and help to align both with the City’s broader strategic goals. Critical matters such as IT priorities, resource allocation, service and the business value of IT to the enterprise will be decided upon through Governance, using a model that balances the benefits of local autonomy with the advantages of enterprise-wide IT coordination and management.

    IT Governance Steering Committee established in FY 2005/06:

    Main areas of Responsibilities:

    1. Planning:

    • Citywide IT policies and standards; 
    • Establish priorities, goals and objectives;
    • Review and approve all proposed IT system alternatives analysis, development and implementation plans;

    2. Prioritization and Funding Approval:

    • Prioritize all proposed new IT initiatives and   enhancements;
    • Review and make recommendations for budget and spending plans

    3. Monitoring and Communication of IT Initiatives and  Implementations

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