City of Miami Beach Shines a Sustainable Light on Parking Garages

(Miami Beach, FL) Feb 20, 2018 -

From greenspace bicycle lanes to LEED certified buildings, the City of Miami Beach has implemented innovative solutions to make community areas and infrastructure more environmentally-friendly. Now, the city is focusing on sustainability and efficiency efforts in public parking garages.

The city is installing Holophane LED lighting fixtures across municipality-owned parking garages to help reduce the city’s electricity consumption and provide a safer public space to all who utilize it. Manufacturing high efficiency lighting systems, Holophane recently began producing retrofit kits that would upgrade current light fixtures by installing LED lights on pre-existing fixtures that were not previously compatible.

“Since electricity use in municipal buildings accounts for almost 65 percent of our government operations greenhouse emissions, the utilization of these retrofit kits is a major step forward in making our public parking garages more sustainable by cutting costs,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. “The green initiative will not only help our city become more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint, but save us over $28,000 in annual energy costs — just with the retrofits on the 42 Street parking garage.”

By electing to retrofit existing light fixtures, the city is able to cut costs by utilizing existing metal and glass that would eliminate the need to purchase additional materials and reduce overall waste headed to the landfill.