Miami Beach Community Survey 2012  

    Community Survey We want to hear from you! The 2012 community survey is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard.

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    From the last week of January through mid-February, Kerr & Downs Research, on behalf of the City of Miami Beach, will be conducting Miami Beach's fourth biennial Community Survey in English and Spanish.

    Dating to 2005, the Community Survey is designed to involve citizens and business leaders in the City’s decision-making process in terms of allocating dollars and prioritizing programs and services. City leaders have made tangible adjustments and improvements from previous surveys and they are committed to doing the same after the 2012 survey.

    Citizens and business owners and managers will have an opportunity to express their attitudes and opinions regarding City of Miami Beach government services and issues. Over 1,800 citizens and over 900 businesses will be asked to provide their thoughts on a wide range of Miami Beach government-related issues.

    The key benefit to citizens and businesses is the opportunity to provide input on strategic decisions that affect how City resources are allocated. Survey results will drive critical City of Miami Beach decisions across the entire range of municipal services. Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and the City Commissioners, as well as department leaders, will use survey results to help guide critical budgeting and program decisions throughout the next two years.

    The questionnaires are wide ranging incorporating the following major issues:
    • Quality of life, e.g., positive and negative aspects of living in Miami Beach
    • City services, e.g. street conditions and cleanliness, storm drainage, beach quality, garbage/trash, and landscaping
    • Historic preservation & development, e.g., level of regulations and effectiveness of historic preservation efforts
    • Transportation & parking, e.g., traffic flow, condition of roads, mass transit and bike paths
    • Safety, e.g., evaluation of police, emergency medical, fire and ocean rescue services
    • Culture & Entertainment & Tourism, e.g., use of restaurants, nightclubs, beaches, cultural events, museums, etc.
    • Economy, e.g., value provided by taxes and preferred allocation of tight resources
    • Communication, e.g., where citizens get their information, value of City-provided information, interaction with City government and satisfaction with interaction

    Business leaders will also have an opportunity to respond to most of the issues listed above as well as the following issues:
    • Planning & zoning, e.g., inspections and code enforcement
    • Building department, e.g., number of inspections for safety compliance, building code compliance and obtaining permits, and fairness, consistency and satisfaction with inspections
    • Business environment, e.g., rating the City as a place to do business, how well businesses are doing, and challenges business leaders are facing.

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