odpi imageThe Office of Organization Development Performance Initiative (ODPI) is vital to effectuate implementation of results-oriented government, efficiency and service-orientation. The office has numerous responsibilities within the City and works with all City Departments to facilitate and provide consulting, advisory, and organizational support services. ODPI covers three major areas including Education, Performance Initiatives, and Professional Development. 


     Our Mission: “We are dedicated to ensuring our organization implements and sustains strategies that ensure the growth and development of both the organization and our employees to achieve measurable community results.”


     Education: The City of Miami Beach has an Education Compact since 2008 with Miami-Dade County public schools mobilizes resources to provide students with an enhanced educational experience.


     Performance Initiatives: The City strives for excellence and has implemented several initiatives that include, but are not limited to, an appearance index, garage index, bathroom index, mystery rider program, cleanliness index, and service shopper program.   These initiatives support several key intended outcomes to address community concern cleanliness, safety, and excellent customer service.


     Professional Development: The City offers career advancement for employees through a combination of in-house and external training through partnerships with local universities that provide employees with educational opportunities.

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