• Report IT Via Smart Phone

    Follow the instructions below to download the application to your phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry). When you see a light out, graffiti or other problem, open the application, take a photo with your phone, select type of issue, and send. The photo (along with the address via GPS and date/time stamp) goes to the City's Customer Service Center and generates a service request.

    TIP: Be sure the GPS feature on your device is turned on. The default on some devices is "off." Get more information on enabling location services.


    To install the application from iPhone devices, go to iTunes App store and search for Miami Beach Report It. You can also input: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miami-beach-florida-report-it/id513753142 directly into browser on your mobile device.

    Windows Phone logo 

    To install the application from Windows Phone devices, go to Windows Marketplace and search for Miami Beach Report It. You can also input: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/340a23ec-5ce8-4aa5-b892-264980aca488 directly into browser on your mobile device.


    From Android devices, go to Android marketplace and search for Miami Beach Report It. You can also input https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.citysourced.miamibeach directly into your address bar on the phone or desktop.


    From Storm and Torch devices:
    Type Miami Beach Report It into your address bar, or e-mail yourself the address and you can click on the hyperlink from the e-mail.

    Blackberry OS 6 Direct Link
    For Blackberry OS 5 Direct Link
    Access the link directly from the Blackberry devices. Note: We require OS 5+ Older Blackberries. Older Blackberries (OS 4.x) cannot run our applications.

    Helpful Tips
    Stay safe; don’t attempt to use Miami Beach Report It (or any app for that matter) while driving.
    • The app works much better outdoors than it does indoors. This is especially true of Blackberries which rely heavily on satellite communications
    • Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; please confirm and then use the app liberally.

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