As Built Requirements

Submittal of as-built drawings shall be required for those projects as determined by the Building Official or her/his designee. All new construction, addition, or alteration/remodel master permits with a value of work exceeding $500,000 will require an as-built submittal. In addition, any revision that upgrades the master permit value of work to an amount exceeding $500,000 will trigger the as-built submittal requirement. The plans will be stamped as shown:

City of Miami Beach Building Department

This project requires the submittal of an AS-BUILT set of construction documents
with Architect, Engineer, and Contractor’s certifications prior to Final
Building Inspection.

The as-built drawings will be labeled as such and all drawings shall be signed,
sealed, and dated by the respective Design Professionals of Record. The cover
sheet must include the following statement signed, sealed, and dated by the
Architect of Record, General Contractor, Landscape Architect, and all
consulting Engineers.