• Effective Wednesday, November 13th, only 1 process (1 set of plans) per ticket will be accepted for the 24-hour walk-through service. This change will allow more customers to take advantage of this review. If the limit of 50 plans per day is not reached by 11 a.m., then an additional ticket can be requested. Once the maximum submittal of plans has been achieved, the ticket issuance for the 24-hour walk-through will end.
  • NEW! The Building Department provides a 24-hour walk-through review service. Click here to see the list of permits to be reviewed using this service. For additional information on the new processes, click here.
  • The Building Department is offering now the option to APPLY online for portable toilets, Condominium flooring permits, and Building - Commercial Interior Alteration (No Structural) permits. Use this link to apply and estimate the fees before you pay.
  • Work Exempt from Permits. As per Florida Building Code 2017, the following work is exempt from permits. (To print the list, please use this link).
  • Guidance to residents about the SOLAR MARKET.

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