Change of Contractor

The Building Department processes Change of Contractor Permit Applications according to the following procedures.

To request a Change of Contractor, a new Permit Application and an Affidavit in lieu of the Construction Parking Management (CPMP), if job value is $250,000 or higher, must be submitted. To complete the application, the applicant must select the “Change of Contractor” box located in the “Permit Request” section of the application.  An application to change the contractor on a master permit must have the property owner’s and contractor’s notarized signatures.  An application to change the subcontractor on a sub-permit must have both, the master permit contractor of record’s and the new sub-contractor’s notarized signatures, on the application. The Affidavit in lieu of the Construction Parking Management (CPMP) must be submitted if the new contractor is using the approved CPMP of the previous contractor. For a new sub-contractor permit, the affidavit is required if the master permit already has an approved CPMP.

A recorded Notice of Commencement is required for any job which value is greater than $2,500.00. There are several options for recording a Notice of Commencement – NOC:

  • Submit the original notice of commencement in person, along with the appropriate fees, to the main office located at the Courthouse East Building, Recording Department, 22 NW 1 Street, First floor, Miami, FL 33128.
  • Mail the original notice of commencement along with the appropriate fees to Miami-Dade County Recorder, P.O. Box 011711, Flagler Station, Miami, Florida 33101.
  • Submit the notice of commencement to the Records Division in the Building Department. The clerk will assess the e-recording fee of $10.00 per page to your permit.  Once the e-recording fees have been paid, your notice of commencement will be transmitted for recording electronically within 24 hours.  The recorded notice of commencement (NOC) may be downloaded and or printed from the Clerk of Court’s website:

The following requirements must be met for the Permit Application to be accepted:

Completed Permit Application (Property information including the folio number, description of work, and all required notarized and original signatures must be submitted.)

The Permit Application is submitted to the Building Department, in-person, at the Permit Service Counter located at the Building Department, 1700 Convention Center Drive, 1st Floor, FL 33139 or at the North Beach Office located at 962 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141.

When the Permit Application is submitted, the Permit Clerk will assess the fees based on the current Fee Schedule for the change of contractor. Once the payment is completed, the Permit Clerk can update the new contractor’s information in the corresponding permit.

Contractor required documentation includes:

  • State or municipal contractor’s license
  • Liability Insurance (Certificate of Insurance (COI) must list the City of Miami Beach as Certificate Holder)
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance or State of Florida Exemption (It must list the City of Miami Beach as Certificate Holder)
  • Business Tax Receipt (state or municipal licensed contractors)
  • Municipal Contractor’s Business Tax Receipt (municipal licensed contractors only)

Note: Please send your questions, concerns, or updated contractors’ licenses to: 

Thank you!