Change Of Architect/Engineer Form

Procedures for a Successor Architect Adopting as His Own the Work of another Architect.

A successor registered architect seeking to reuse already sealed contract documents under the successor registered architect’s seal must be able to document and produce upon request evidence that he has in fact recreated all the work done by the original registered architect. Further, the successor registered architect must take all professional and legal responsibility for the documents which he sealed and signed and can in no way exempt himself from such full responsibility. Plans need not be redrawn by the successor registered architect; however, justification for such action must be available through well kept and complete documentation on the part of the successor registered architect as to his having rethought and reworked the entire design process. A successor registered architect must use his own title block, seal and signature and must remove the title block, seal and signature of the original registered architect before sealing, signing and dating any sealed contract documents.

Prior to sealing, signing and dating work, a successor registered architect shall be required to notify the original registered architect, his successors, or assigns by certified letter to the last known address of the original registered architect of the successor’s intention to use or reuse the original registered architect’s work. The successor registered architect will take full responsibility for the drawing as though they were the successor registered architect’s original product.

The following must be submitted when requesting a Change of Architect:

  • New Permit Application signed by the owner only (if owner-builder permit); or signed by the owner and qualifier  (if permit pulled by contractor)
  • A new set of drawings replacing the existing design documents signed and sealed by the new architect or engineer of record. The replaced set of drawings may be submitted as a reference showing no change to the drawings.
  • Change of Architect/Engineer Form