Expired Permits

Your Permit Has Expired

Florida Building Code Section
If work has commenced and the permit is revoked, becomes null and void, or expires because of lack of progress or abandonment, a new permit covering the proposed construction shall be obtained before proceeding with the work.

Florida Building Code Section
If a new permit is not obtained within 180 days from the date the initial permit became null and void, the building official is authorized to require that any work which has been commenced or completed be removed from the building site. Alternately, a new permit may be issued on application, providing the work in place and required to complete the structure meets all applicable regulations in effect at the time the initial permit became null and void and any regulations which may have become effective between the date of expiration and the date if issuance of the new permit.

The City of Miami Beach will send the owner and/or the permit holder a courtesy notification in the mail within 30 days of the expiration of their permit informing them that their permit will expire. If the work that has commenced is ready to be inspected, the applicant should request an inspection from the Building Department prior to the expiration of the permit.
NOTE: Only a passing inspection will extend the permit an additional 180 days.

To close a permit all required inspections, for both the master permit and any linked permits, must be completed and approved.