Low Voltage Alarm Labels

Uniform Notice of a Low-Voltage Alarm System Project

Permit Application for low voltage alarm labels (LV labels) must be submitted in person to the Building Department. All Permit Applications for LV labels must be signed and notarized by a certified or registered contractor and must be submitted in person to the Building Department.

The fee for each label is $40.00. An invoice will be provided to the customer for payment online, at the kiosks in the Building Department, or at the Finance Department’s cashiers.

The customer must provide proof of payment to the permit counter to obtain the LV labels. The labels are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Low Voltage Alarm System Installations

Once a low voltage alarm system is installed, a Uniform Notice of Low Voltage Alarm System Project  form must be submitted via fax 305.673.7857.  The permitting section shall create a permit related to the LV label purchase record. The permit will be issued with no fees in addition to those paid when the label was purchased. The permit status will be changed to Final based on the statement of inspection submitted in the Uniform Notice by the certified or registered contractor.