Drop-Off Plan Review

The drop-off submittal is a plan review process option that is available to everyone. There are no restrictions for the type of permits that you may drop-off. Customers wishing to submit plans as a drop-off may do so at our plan review service counter # 29 (located next to Records at City Hall, second floor).  You will be contacted via telephone or email when your plans are ready for pick up.

You do not need a process number prior to submitting your plans for drop-off. One will be issued when plans are submitted at the drop-off plan review service counter. Please be advised that two (2) sets of signed and sealed plans are required for a drop-off submittal.

Plans to correct a violation need to be processed as a drop-off. They can’t be processed as a walk-through.

The City of Miami Beach Development Review Departments (which include the Building, Fire Prevention, Planning & Zoning, and the Public Works Departments) strive for a 30-day turnaround time on all drop-off plan reviews.

DERM Electronic Plan Review

Projects that are required to have DERM plan review approval will be submitted electronically by the Building Department. When your plans are submitted for drop-off plan review at counter # 29, we will convert them to digital format and upload them to Miami-Dade County for review.  If your submittal is reviewed as a walk-through, you may leave the plans with us upon completion of the walk-through for electronic submittal to Miami-Dade County.  We are working harder so you won’t have to!