Presubmittal Consultation


The Building Department offers our Customers a pre-submittal consultation. The consultation entails meeting with the Architect, Owner and Contractor to discuss the project timelines and to identify the best approach to the project permitting given the owners schedule and timelines. Based on this meeting and depending on the scope of work for the project the Architect is advised on how to prepare the permit packages.

One of the main topics of the pre-submittal consultation is the scope of work of the project. When the project consists of more then one structure or building within the project site, the Building Department will advise the Project Team (Architect/Owner/Contractor) on how to divide the structures into separate master permits that are all tied to a Development permit. This enables the Project team to have maximum flexibility with regards to Certificate of Occupancy issuance. For example; if all the structures within a site are under one master permit then a certificate of occupancy will be granted upon completion of all the structures. If each of the structures has a master permit then as the structures are completed they will be granted a separate certificate of occupancy. This allows for the phasing of large complex projects. Be advised that the first structure scheduled to open first is required to have included in its scope the project site.