1 Street between Alton Road and Washinton Avenue

Phase: Design

Please note: this project is in the preliminary design phase and all project ideas are conceptual thus far.

Project Limits

1Street Design Project Limits

Scope of Work

Proposed improvements on 1 Street will include a complete roadway reconstruction, elevation of the roadway to a minimum 3.7 NAVD elevation, utility removal/replacement, storm sewer trunk line installation, pump station construction (60,000 gpm), force main installation, landscaping, lighting and other items necessary for a complete project. Project also include drainage improvements on Alton Road from South Pointe Drive to 5 Street and Washington Avenue from South Pointe Drive to 5 Street.

Project Timeline

Currently in early design phase.  Project details will be updated as they become available.

Project Team

This project is managed by the City’s Public Works Department.

City of Miami Beach Acting Engineer

Luis Soto, P.E.

Engineer of Record:

Wade Trim

Public Information- Media Relations Group, LLC
Jeanette Gorgas
Email: jgorgas@mrgmiami.com
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