11 Street

Project Phase

Project Limits

11 Street from east of Euclid Avenue to west of Jefferson Avenue.

Scope of Work

The purpose of this project is to provide much needed improvements to the water, sanitary sewer and drainage systems as well as beautification to the corridor.

Infrastructure Improvements: New water main, installation of new storm water drainage system, replacement of sanitary sewer system, new street light and signalization systems and improvements to Sanitary Sewer Pump Station #1.

Roadway Improvements: Roadway reconstruction, pavement markings and signage, landscaping, roadway elevation and swale harmonization.

Project Timeline

Start Date: Spring 2016
Expected Completion Date: Winter 2017

Project Team 
This project is managed by the City’s Public Works Department. 

City of Miami Beach Acting Engineer
Luis Soto, P.E.

David Mancini and Sons, Inc.

Public Information – Media Relations Group, LLC
Jeanette Gorgas