Central Bayshore South

Project Phase – Construction

Project Limits

  • Portion of Neighborhood No. 8 Central Bayshore “A” bounded on the north by the south right-of-way line of 34 Street; on the east by the west right-of way  line of Pine Tree Drive; on the south by Dade Boulevard; and on the west by the Miami Beach Golf course. The project area includes that portion of Prairie Avenue between Dade Boulevard and 34 Street, North Meridian Avenue from Dade Boulevard and 28 Street, and Sheridan Avenue from Pine Tree Drive to 28 Street.

 Scope of Work 

Infrastructure Improvements:

  • New water main and services on Prairie Avenue
  • Design and construction of a interconnected drainage system to include new piping, catch basins, and manholes
  • Construction of a new stormwater pump station east of existing pump station at 28 Street and Prairie Avenue
  • Replacement of existing fire hydrant assemblies with new fire hydrant assemblies on Prairie Avenue


Roadway Improvements:

  • Complete reconstruction of all asphalt pavements within the project limits
  • Raising the roadbed and minimum road crown elevations
  • Driveway harmonization
  • A multi-use bike path along Meridian Avenue corridor

Project Timeline

Start Date: June 2016
Completion Date: TBD

Project status, please note: New water main installation is complete. Drainage design is at 75%. At the December 2017 commission meeting the project was referred to the Sustainability and Resiliency Committee for review and evaluation of the stormwater program being conducted.

Project Team

City of Miami Beach  Senior Capital Project Coordinator
Sabrina Baglieri
City of Miami Beach  Capital Project Coordinator
Tony Brown

Public Information –
Jeanette Gorgas
Ph: 786.239.8862
Email: jgorgas@mrgmiami.com