Sunset Islands III and IV

Project Phase – Construction

Project Limits

  • Sunset Islands III and IV

Scope of Work 

Infrastructure Improvements:

  • Lining of the sanitary sewer main including structures and laterals
  • New water main and electronic water meters
  • Installation of new storm water drainage system and pump stations
  • Cleaning and lining of the existing drainage outfalls
  • Overhead utility (FPL, ABB and ATT) undergrounding
  • New conduits, wire and service point for the existing street lights

Roadway Improvements:

  • Roadway reconstruction
  • Concrete valley gutter
  • Sidewalks extension along portions of Sunset Drive
  • Brick paver speed tables
  • Pavement marking and signage
  • Tree planting
  • Driveway and swale harmonization

Project Timeline

Start Date- Summer 2015
Completion Date- Spring 2018

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator
Mina Samadi

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator
Pilar Caurin Tortajada

Public Information Liaison
Laila Haddad, Media Relations Group
Email: Phone: 786.837.4881