Middle Beach Recreational Corridor

Project Phase – Design

Project Limits / Location

Consists of an on-grade pedestrian walkway encompassing eighteen (18) city blocks or approximately 9,305 feet, running from approximately 46th Street to Allison Park at 64th Street. The project will be built in two segments: first from Allison Park (64th Street)  to Beachview Park (53rd Street),  then from Beachview Park (53rd Street ) to Indian Beach Park (46th Street).

Scope of Work

  • The walkway will be constructed along the west side of the coastal dunes, east of the oceanfront properties
  • The walkway will be permitted in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) coastal construction regulations
  • Non-native dune vegetation will be removed and replaced with dune enhancements such as native dune vegetation and beach compatible dune fill
  • Path lighting will meet Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s marine turtle nestling requirements

Project Timeline

1st Section of Phase II from Allison Park (64th Street) to Beachview Park (53rd Street)

Start Date: Summer 2017
Completion Date: Summer 2018

2nd Section of Phase II from Beachview Park (53rd Street) to Indian Beach Park (46th Street)

Start Date: Fall   2017
Completion Date: Fall 2018

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator: David Gomez

City of Miami Beach  Capital Project Coordinator: Paola Vega

Ph: 305.673.7071
Email: Progress@miamibeachfl.gov