Flamingo Park Master Plan Improvements

Project Phase – Construction

Park Location

Flamingo Park is located between Alton Road and Meridian Avenue. The south limit is 11 Street and the north limit is near Espanola Way.


Flamingo Park is one of the most active parks in Miami Beach.  As such, the City is always working to enhance the facilities available. There are many elements to the Flamingo Park Master Plan; different work tasks are scheduled to take place on various timelines. Please see below for further details.

Scope of Work & Timeline

  • New Restroom Facility – Complete in 2017
  • Soccer Field Renovation – Complete in 2016
  • Baseball and Softball Field Renovations – part of G.O. Bond plans
  • Butterfly Garden – part of G.O. Bond plans
  • Historic Lodge Renovation – part of G.O. Bond plans
  • Existing Handball Courts – January 2019 to estimated completion in November 2019
    Renovation of the existing handball courts to include various electrical upgrades: new general lighting, stucco repairs, court resurfacing, new frameless windows and doors, and new fencing and painting. The courts will also include seating areas and water drinking fountains for players and visitors. At the request of residents and players, construction is now phased so that four courts remain open for play at all times.

    • Project phase: Construction
    • Contractor: H. G. Construction, Inc.
  • New Outdoor Fitness Area – Complete in Fall of 2019
    • Project phase: Construction
    • Contractor: TEAM Contracting
    • Grant money is included in this portion of the project.
  • Parkwide Improvements – 2018 to 2019
    Parkwide improvements will include the following: lighting enhancements; signage and entry features; replacement of existing chain-link fence with estate fencing; drainage work; irrigation and landscaping; furniture; additional bike racks and multi-use paths; new basketball bleachers; utility coordination; creating a central plaza; sidewalk widening and renovated pedestrian walkways between park attractions.

    • Project phase: Construction
    • Contractor: Critical Path Construction
    • Grant money is included in this portion of the project.

Project Team

Design Consultant
Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator
Sabrina Baglieri

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator
Daniel Cevallos

Public Information Specialist
Lauren Firtel