Normandy Isle Park Turf Replacement

Project Phase – Design

Project Limits

Normandy Isle Park is located at 7030 Trouville Esplanade.

Scope of Work 

The project consist of installation of quality, industry standard artificial turf and any other improvements needed to increase customer satisfaction with programming and general use. The field is host to hundreds of daily users that causes significant wear and tear. A new artificial turf would allow for increased public use as well as program expansion.

Project Timeline

Project status: The 60% Plans are complete and advancement to 90% Construction Documents were postponed and a request from the Parks and Recreation Department for Additional Scope. Advancement to 90% CD’s is pending the approval of the Additional Services to Kimley Horn

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator
Mina Samadi,PE
City of Miami Beach  Capital Project Coordinator
Carla Dixon

Public Information Specialist
Lauren Firtel
Phone: 305.673.7071