Completed Projects

The Office of Capital Improvement Projects has completed over 250 projects that vary from neighborhoods to historic renovations.
Below is a list of our most recently completed projects by district:

North Beach

  • North Shore Bandshell Park Facility Improvements
  • North Shore Bandshell – Unidad Senior Center
  • North Shore – Byron Avenue Right of Way Improvements
  • Normandy Isle Marseille Drive Lighting Improvements
  • North Shore – Dickens Avenue ARRA Project
  • Parkview Island Right of Way Improvements
  • Biscayne Point Neighborhood Improvements Project
  • 6 and 53 Street Restrooms
  • Parking Lot 9E Improvements
  • Allison Park

Middle Beach

  • Fire Station #2 Historical Renovation
  • Miami Beach Golf Course / Drainage Remediation
  • Pine Tree Park – Kayak Launch
  • Sunset Islands I and II Neighborhood Improvements
  • Sunset Harbour Garage
  • Lake Pancoast Neighborhood Improvements
  • Central Bayshore Neighborhood Improvements
  • Water Main Installation on 63 Street
  • Lower North Bay Road Right of Way Improvements
  • Lower North Bay Road Street Lighting

South Beach

  • South Pointe Park Pier
  • Beach Walk II – Phase I
  • Flamingo Park Tennis Center Project
  • Flamingo Park Track and Football Field
  • City Center 9A Right of Way Improvements
  • City Center 9C Right of Way Improvements
  • Parking Lot No. 13 Improvements
  • Multi-purpose Municipal Parking Facility
  • 6 and 53 Street Restrooms
  • South Pointe Phases III, IV, V Right of Way Improvements
  • City Center 9C Right of Way Improvements
  • Española Way Improvements