Sunset Islands I And II Right Of Way Improvements

Project Limits

Throughout Sunset Islands I and II

Scope of Work 

  • Replacing the existing water main system
  • Upgrading the service connections from the water main to the residential meters
  • Improving the existing stormwater drainage system and adding storm water piping and structures
  • Installing valley gutters
  • Reconstructing the roadway

Project Timeline

Start Date – Spring 2012

Reached Substantial Completion- Summer 2013 

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator

Maria Hernandez

Engineer of Record – Chen Moore and Associates

Oscar Bello, P.E.

Contractor – David Mancini and Sons, Inc.,

Juan Barreneche, P.E.

Resident Project Representative – Schewbke-Shiskin and Associates, Inc.

Luis Leon, P.E. and James Tello

Public Information –    

Michael Mazer

Ph: 954.770.2462