North Beach

Across the city, Planned Progress is getting various types of improvement projects built. The important projects listed below have been completed within the North Beach District in the past twelve years and are now in service:


Completed Prior to 2011

75 Street Streetscape Improvement

75 Street Water Tanks

77 Street Tatum Waterway Bridge

Allison Island ROW Improvements

Allison Park

Altos del Mar Park – Interim Improvements

Atlantic Greenway Master Plan

Bay Road Drainage Pump Station

Beachfront Restrooms –  64 Street

Bridge Replacement – Daytonia Road

Brittany Bay Park

Crespi Park

Fire Station 4

Flagler Memorial Monument – Monument Island

Harding Ave

Indian Creek Drainage

Henedon Ave Bridge

La Gorce Island Enhancements

Marseille Drive Streetscape

No. Beach Recreational Corridor

Normandy Isle Neighborhood ROW

Normandy Isle Park & Pool

Normandy Shores Golf Course and Facilities

Normandy Shores Neighborhood ROW

North Beach Openside Park Phase I,II and III

North Shore Park & Youth Center

North Shore State ROW Improvements

Pump Station Upgrades, Citywide

Pump Station Landscaping

Shane Water Sports Surface Parking Lot at 6500 Indian Creek Dr.

Stillwater Park

Surface Parking Lots Citywide

Tatum Waterway Park

Victory Garden