North Shore Byron Avenue Right Of Way Improvements

Project Limits 

Byron Avenue from 81 to 87 streets

Scope of Work

  • Milling and resurfacing the roadway
  • Installing new sidewalks, curb and gutter at certain locations
  • Installing pedestrian ramps that meet American with Disability Act (ADA) Standards
  • Installing paver crosswalks at certain locations
  • Building landscape bulb-outs at certain locations
  • Restriping the roadway

Project Timeline

Start Date – spring 2011

Completion Date – fall 2012

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator

Humberto Cabañas

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator

Roberto Rodriguez

Engineer of Record – APCTE

Ethiel Sierra, P.E.

Contractor – GEC


Public Information –

Ph: 305.673.7071