North Shore Dickens Avenue ARRA Project

Project Limits 

Along Dickens Avenue, from just north of 71 Street to 79 Street, including Tatum Waterway Drive between 79 and 81 streets

Scope of Work

  • Milling and resurfacing the roadway
  • Installing new sidewalks, curb and gutter at certain locations
  • Installing pedestrian ramps that meet American with Disability Act (ADA) Standards
  • Installing paver crosswalks at certain locations
  • Building landscape bulb-outs at certain locations
  • Restriping the roadway
  • Adding striping and signage for a bike lane between 71 and 75 streets

Project Timeline

Start Date – Spring 2011

Completed  – July 2013

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator

Roberto Rodriguez

Engineer of Record – A & P Consulting Transportation Engineers

Contractor – Carivon Construction

Carlos Hernandez

Public Information – 

Ph: 305.673.7071