City Center 9A Right Of Way Improvements

Project Limits 

Washington Avenue to Collins Avenue from Lincoln Road to Dade Boulevard, excluding Dade Boulevard and Washington Court

Scope of Work 

  • Replacing the existing water mains
  • Upgrading the existing storm water drainage
  • Repaving the roadway and installing new pavement markings
  • Replacing sections of damaged sidewalk, curb and gutter
  • Installing decorative lighting and crosswalks
  • Installing new landscaping and irrigation
  • Installing new traffic and pedestrian signs 

Project Timeline 

Start Date – Summer 2009

Reached Substantial Completion – Summer 2013

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator

Olga Sanchez, E.I.

Engineer of Record – Chen Moore and Associates 

Peter Dueño, P.E.


Certified Engineering Inspection – Atkins North America

Juan Alfonso

Contractor – Metro Express, Inc.

Ernesto Feliciano


Public Information –

Ph: 305.673.7071