City Center 9C Right Of Way Improvements

Project Limits 

Lincoln Road, between Washington and Collins avenues

Scope of Work

  • Reconfiguring roadway to accomodate uniform traffic lanes throughout
  • Installing landscaped median with uplighting
  • Replacing sidewalk
  • Installing pavers on portions of sidewalk that range in width from approximately 26.6 feet to 15.6 feet,
  • Installing paver crosswalks with curb ramps that meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards,
  • Installing bump outs to formalize parking area and reduce the crosswalk distance,
  • Installing street furniture,
  • Resurfacing the roadway

Project Timeline

Start Date – Fall 2011

Completion Date – Spring 2015

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator 

Mina Samadi

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator

Carla Dixon

Engineer of Record – Chen Moore and Associates

Chen Moore & Associates


Public Information – Infinite Source Communications

Phone: 786.531.3798