Espanola Way

Project Phase: Construction

Project Location

  • Espanola Way Between Washington Avenue and Drexel Avenue

Scope of Work

  • Removal of all existing pavement, sidewalks and valley gutter
  • Installation of new decorative pavement (pavers/stones/colored concrete)
  • Installation of removable bollards at Drexel and Washington
  • New landscaping and irrigation
  • New pedestrian street lighting
  • Replacement of the water main (including services to individual properties)
  •  Installation of new sewer cleanouts for all properties at the property line

Project Timeline

Start date: August 2016
Completion Date: Winter 2017

Project Team

City of Miami Beach Senior Capital Project Coordinator
Sabrina Baglieri

City of Miami Beach Capital Project Coordinator
Jorge Rodriguez


Metro Express, Inc.

Diana Fontani, Public Information Specialist
Phone: 305.673.7071