South Pointe Landscaping & Irrigation

Project Phase: Construction

Project Limits

  • Ocean Drive between South Pointe Drive and 5 Street
  • Collins Avenue between South Pointe Drive and 5 Street
  • Alton Road, south of 1 Street
  • South Pointe Drive between Alton Road and Ocean Drive
  • 1 Street, 2 Street and 4 Street between Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive

Scope of Work

  • South Pointe Drive median landscaping and uplights
  • Replacing the irrigation system – upgrading from a battery operated functionality to one that runs on electricity
  • Replacing damaged trees and palms with new ones
  • Installing trees and palms where they are missing
  • Installing sod and ground cover where it is missing

Project Timeline

Start Date: Spring 2016
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2017

Project Team 
Senior Capital Projects Coordinator
Sabrina Baglieri

Capital Projects Coordinator
Carla Dixon

Irrigation Contractor – Metro Express Inc.
Landscaping Contractor – SFM Services, Inc.
Lighting Contractor – Solares Electrical Services, Inc.

CIP Public Information Specialist
Lauren Firtel