South Pointe Park Water Feature Renovation

Project Phase – Construction

Project Limits

  • Entrance to South Pointe Park, at the south end of Washington Avenue

Scope Description

A water feature plaza will be constructed at the entrance of South Pointe Park. Water fountains will be featured and water cannons (as misting stations) will be incorporated into a non-interactive environment that will maintain original design elements, aesthetic appeal and similar amenities for park-goers to enjoy.  Pavers are to be replaced with shell aggregate concrete. Portions of the existing mechanical systems will be reused when feasible; some mechanics will be replaced with new equipment. The new water feature design includes modifications to meet current safety codes. Lights will also be installed on both sides of the plaza.

Project Duration

Expected Completion: Spring 2017

Project Team

Senior Capital Project Coordinator

David Gomez

Senior Capital Project Coordinator
David Gomez, LEED-AP

Capital Project Coordinator
Jorge Rodriguez, P.E.

EDSA, in conjunction with Aquatic Design & Engineering

Public Information
Jeanette Gorgas, Public Information Officer, MRG

Ph: 786.239.8862 and/or