How do I set up my water and sewer accounts in my new home?

Call the Finance Department at 673-7420 or “click here” for more information.

How do I get a marriage license or birth or death certificate?

For birth or death certificates, please contact the Vital Statistics office at 305-305-377-5962.For Marriage license, you may visit the Court House located at 225 Washington Avenue (walk in only).  For information call 305-535-4206

What hours is City Hall open? Where is it located?

City Hall is open from 8:30 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday except on posted holidays. City Hall is located at 1700 Convention Center Drive.

Who is the local provider of digital cable, in Miami Beach?

The local provider is Atlantic Broadband.  Phone 305-861-1564

How do I contact City Hall?

Call 305-604-CITY (2489) for a list of departments or select City Hall Department Directory.

How do I license my dog?

Dade County requires that every person owning or keeping any dog, shall within thirty days after he becomes the owner or keeper of the dog, and yearly thereafter, procure from the County a license for the dog. License forms are available, online the Miamidade.gov website, veterinary offices, as well as animal shelters.  For more information click on http://www.miamidade.gov/animals/rabies_law.asp

What is the Police Non-Emergency Number?

The Police non-emergency is: 305-673-7900.

When are City Commission Meetings scheduled?

Schedule of City of Miami Beach City Commission and RDA Redevelopment Agency Meetings can be found online here.

Are business licenses necessary for doing business within the City of Miami Beach?

All business owners are required to obtain both a City of Miami Beach Certificate of Use and an Occupational License to operate a business within the City. Operating a business without a license is prohibited. A Miami-Dade County Occupational License (305-270-4949) must also be obtained. For more information, call the Finance Department’s Occupational Licensing Office at 305-673-7420 or 305-673-7590.

What do I need to do to hold a special event in Miami Beach?

The City of Miami Beach welcomes public events and small gatherings, however all events in the City of Miami Beach require a special event permit. The first step in obtaining a special events permit is to call the Miami Beach Tourism and Cultural Development office at 305-673-7577. www.eventsmiamibeach.com

Where can I get Hurricane Information?

The City of Miami Beach hosts various Hurricane Fairs prior to the Hurricane Season each year.  For more information see our Hurricane Guide Below.

How do I report potholes or problems?

Call the Public Works hotline at 305-673-7625 or enter a service request here.

How can I find out more about other Miami Beach services, organizations and city life?

Check out the visitors’ page on this website for exciting year around events and happenings. You may also sign up to receive city news click here.