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News Releases

Mar 2020:  Miami Beach Allows Restaurant Food Delivery Past Midnight
Mar 2020:  City of Miami Beach Extends State of Emergency Declaration
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach Issues Safer at Home Order
Mar 2020:  City of Miami Beach & Miami-Dade County Broaden Emergency Measures
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach Expands Emergency Measures
Mar 2020:  City of Miami Beach Adds Additional Measures
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach Closes Non-Essential Businesses Citywide
Mar 2020:  City of Miami Beach Expands Emergency Measures
Mar 2020:  Cities of Miami Beach & Fort Lauderdale Add Additional Proactive Measures
Mar 2020:  City Manager Expands Measure to Curtail Large Crowds Along Ocean Drive
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach City Manager Extends State of Emergency Declaration 
Mar 2020:  City Manager Signs a State of Emergency Declaration
Mar 2020:  City of Miami Beach 911 Center Achieves Rare Designation
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach to Wave its Anti-Bullying Banner Proudly
Mar 2020:  Free Flu Shots Available at all Miami Beach Public Schools
Mar 2020:  Wasterwater Breaks Result in No Contact with Water Advisory
Mar 2020:  Wastewater Breaks Result in Precautionary Advisory
Mar 2020:  Miami Beach Calls for a Voluntary Water Reduction
Mar 2020:  City Plans Extra Measures to Ensure a Safe Spring Break
Feb 2020:  Miami Beach Receives 2020 LEED for Cities and Communities Grant
Feb 2020:  City Supports New Protections for Cyclists on the Venetian Causeway
Feb 2020:  Alina Tejeda Hudak Joins the City of Miami Beach
Feb 2020:  City of Miami Beach is Now Offering Miami-Dade Transit Passes
Feb 2020:  Tu B’Shevat Tree Planting Ceremony
Jan 2020:  Artists Selected for the Annual Miami Beach Youth Music Festival
Jan 2020:  Take Home a Piece of Iconic Miami Beach
Jan 2020:  FOX Sports Joins the City of Miami Beach’s Plastic Free Movement
Jan 2020:  City Releases 2020 RFP Applications for HOME Investment Partnership & Community Development Block Grant Funds
Jan 2020:  City of Miami Beach Takes Extra Measures to Ensure a Safe Super Bowl Week
Jan 2020:  Miami Beach Awards $101,000 in Environment & Sustainability Grants
Jan 2020:  Nominate a Miami Beach Woman Worth Knowing
Jan 2020:  Calling All Show Stopping Seniors
Jan 2020:  Celebrate José Martís Legacy
Jan 2020:  Cultural Arts Council Grant Applications are Now Open
Dec 2019:  Miami Beach Leads Coalition of 21 Local Governments in Appeals Court Fight
Dec 2019:  City Debuts 6 Permanent Large Scale Works
Dec 2019:  City of Miami Beach Hosts 2019 Art Week
Nov 2019:  Miami Beach Scores a Perfect 100
Nov 2019:  Order of Importance Press Conference
Nov 2019:  Miami Beach Celebrates Phase 3 Beachwalk Groundbreaking
Nov 2019: City Celebrates World Kindness Day 
Nov 2019: Miami Beach Trolley Receives Significant Grant 
Nov 2019: The Host Becomes the Collector
Nov 2019: Celebrate Veterans Day on Miami Beach with a parade & festival
Oct 2019:  Flamingo Park Opens MyISLE Goliath
Oct 2019:  Miami Beach Launches its First Open Government Data Platform
Oct 2019:  The Beat Goes on at Miami Beach Indoor Establishments
Oct 2019:  Miami Beach Commission Approve’s the City’s First Inspector General
Oct 2019:  All Miami Beach Parks Become Vape-Free
Oct 2019:  City Continues its Mission to Reduce Single-Use Plastics
Oct 2019:  Miami Beach Launches its Culture Crawl Season
Oct 2019:  City Wins 2019 Planning Award in Category of Best Practice
Oct 2019:  Miami Beach is in High-Gear Again with Bike & Pedestrian Safety
Oct 2019:   City to Unveil a Monumental Temporary Sand-based Installation
Oct 2019:   Catch the Miami Beach Wellness Wave
Oct 2019:   The City Stands with Dreamers & Families
Oct 2019:   Statement from Miami Beach City Manager & Police Chief
Oct 2019:   City of Miami Beach to Appeal Circuit Court’s Ruling on Ordinances
Oct 2019:   Open Call for Talented Miami Beach Youth Musicians
Oct 2019:   Special Delivery for the City’s Grocery Delivery Program
Sept 2019:  City of Miami Beach Adopts FY 2020 Budget
Sept 2019:  Miami Beach Raises the Bar on Customer Service
Sept 2019:  Celebrate the Restoration of the Historic 28 Street Obelisk
Sept 2019:  Miami Beach Hall of Fame Unveiling 
Sept 2019:  2019 Hispanic Heritage Month Awardees Announced
Sept 2019:  Miami Beach Increases Funding for Arts in Public Places Program
Sept 2019: City of Miami Beach Bans Plastic Straws & Stirrers Citywide 
Sept 2019: Miami Beach Moves Full STEAM Ahead
Sept 2019: City of Miami Beach Introduces New Department
Sept 2019: Miami Beach Unveils New Designs for Vacant Storefronts
Sept 2019: September 11 Remembrance Ceremony
Aug 2019: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Nautilus’ Polo Park
Aug 2019: Miami Beach G.O. Bond Program Preserves Arts and Culture Buildings
Aug 2019: Catch the Miami Beach Wellness Wave
Aug 2019: City to Become the First Aira Access City in the Southeast
Aug 2019:  Miami Beach Presents “Filmed on the Beach”
Aug 2019:  Nominations Open for Miami Beach Hispanic Heritage Month Awards
Aug 2019:  City is Victorious Against Airbnb
Jul 2019:  Miami Beach Continues to Grow Its Urban Tree Canopy
Jul 2019:  Pininfarina Wins Red Dot Award for Design Concept of 2019
Jul 2019:  City Opens the Door for New Artistic Concept During Spring Break 2021
Jul 2019:  Miami Beach Takes Extra Measures to Ensure a Safe Weekend
Jul 2019:  Take Part in the Release of a Cooper’s Hawk Rescued in Miami Beach
Jul 2019:  Slamdance to Bring Their World-Renowned Film Festival to Miami Beach
Jul 2019:  Miami Beach Adopts New Resilience and Strategic Plans
Jul 2019:  City Protects Abortion Rights & Reproductive Care
Jul 2019:  Miami Beach Kicks off $2 Million Neighborhood Traffic Calming Effort in Nautilus
Jul 2019:  City of Miami Beach Recognized for its Excellent Investment Policy
Jul 2019:  Celebrate Simón Bolívar y Las Americas Day
Jul 2019:  Lincoln Road to Bloom with 500 Native Orchids
Jul 2019:  City Invites Teens to a Prom with Pride
Jun 2019:  Miami Beach Police Chief Swearing-In Ceremony
Jun 2019:  Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month
Jun 2019:  City Opens Affordable Housing Waitlist for Two Properties
Jun 2019:  City of Miami Beach Appoints New Police & Deputy Chief
Jun 2019:  Miami Beach Fire Department Recognized by the American Heart Association
Jun 2019:  Coca-Cola Presents Miami Beach Fire on the Fourth Festival
Jun 2019:  City of Miami Beach Turns North Beach Water Tanks into Art
Jun 2019:  World Sea Turtle Day Celebration
Jun 2019:  Mid Beach Beachwalk Ribbon Cutting
Jun 2019:  City Challenges Kids to Take their Play Outside