Florida Domestic Security Strategic Plan

In the years since September 11, 2001, FDLE has continued its commitment to domestic security in Florida, as directed by Florida Statute (FS) 943.0311, which established the Chief of Domestic Security and the duties of the department. In this role, the Chief of Domestic Security coordinates the efforts of the department in the ongoing assessment of the state’s vulnerability, efforts to prepare for, prevent, protect, respond to and recover from acts of terrorism that affect the state.

As a critical component of Florida’s multi-discipline and multi-jurisdictional approach, Miami Beach has engaged with FDLE in numerous activities and initiatives that support our collective vision to keep Florida safe. Working alongside the Office of Domestic Security in support of this vision are specialists in the areas of critical infrastructure, intelligence and seaport security. Together, these professionals advance the goal of establishing coordinated, positive and functional relationships with federal, state, county and local agencies. The Florida Domestic Security Strategic Plan, is the blueprint or plan by which these activities and initiatives are organized and executed within this framework.

Florida Vision: working together for a safe and secure future.

Florida Mission: strengthen our coordinated capability to prepare, prevent, protect, respond and recover from all hazards through interdisciplinary and interagency consensus and commitment to build and rely on a strong regional collaboration.

In support of our vision and mission, FDLE along with Florida’s domestic security partners have established five (5) goals:

  • Goal 1: PREPARE for all hazards, natural or man-made, to include terrorism.
  • Goal 2:PREVENT, preempt and deter acts of terrorism.
  • Goal 3: PROTECT Florida’s citizens, visitors, and critical infrastructure.
  • Goal 4: RESPOND in an immediate, effective, and coordinated manner, focused on the victims of the attack.
  • Goal 5: RECOVER quickly and restore our way of life following a terrorist act.

The purpose of these goals is to establish a planned, deliberate and comprehensive effort in support of domestic security in Florida. This plan remains a working document that is revisited and reprioritized each year based on current conditions, new federal guidance, and available funding. Decisions regarding projects and initiatives to support the Strategy are made through Florida’s governance structure which includes the Regional Domestic Security Task Forces (RDSTFs), the State Working Group on Domestic Preparedness (SWG), and the Domestic Security Oversight Council (DSOC).

The City of Miami Beach Fire, Police and Emergency Manager are members of the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force (SERDSTF).

The Miami Beach Emergency Manager is a member of the State Working Group (SWG) Critical Infrastructure Workgroup which is focused on the protection of our critical infrastructure, risk management, assessments, etc.  They meet four times per year to discuss regional projects, policies, issues, etc.  Many decisions that affect the region are made at this level and we have voting power representing the emergency management community.