Re-Entry After Evacuation

It is important to heed evacuation orders and curfews. Following a situation that warrants evacuation, all individuals must follow the instructions of Miami Beach Police and other local law enforcement that will staff the entry points to the City of Miami Beach. Local elected officials, in consultation with Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire Department Officials and Public Works will determine when an area is safe enough for individuals to return. The message announcing re-entry into the City will ONLY come from Elected Officials through official avenues such as the Miami Beach Official Twitter Feed and through local media.

First responders and City-assigned individuals who are conducting initial damage assessments will be the first allowed onto the island. Following that, an all-clear for everyone else will be given as soon as entry is deemed safe. The City formerly issued hang-tags for restricted re-entry of certain businesses. That program is no longer in effect.

It is recommended practice, however, that when residents and business employees evacuate the City, they should carry certain documentation in order assist local officials in cases of extreme circumstances. These documents include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Employment (such as Employer credentials, letter on employer letterhead)
  • Demonstrated Need to enter area (such as a work order or inventory list)

The City will no longer issue re-entry hang tags to any organization or resident. Condominiums, Hotels and specified businesses that have participated in the “hang-tag” program in the past should still register their properties and their Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) with the Department of Emergency Management, in order to keep current records of the qualified individuals, but they no longer have to pick up tags.

Condo Associations / Management Companies and Hotel Management are asked to fill out the forms below and email completed forms to with the subject line “ERT.”  If your association or company has already received an email from the City with these forms and you have returned them, there is no need for duplication. You will receive confirmation once we have received your information.

2018 PropertyRegistration Form

2018 ERT Registration Form