Emergency Evacuation


If you or someone you know requires skilled nursing care, has medical equipment that relies on electricity, needs assistance with daily living, or may need assistance evacuating from ANY disaster, it is recommended that you register them with the Miami-Dade County Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program.

To register, call: 311 (voice) or 305.468.5402 TTY

What is the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program?

When disasters occur, people need to evacuate their homes quickly to get to safety. Due to their medical needs, mobility issues or other conditions, some Miami-Dade County residents will need assistance to do this. The Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has developed the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP), which is a registry of our neighbors that need help when an emergency evacuation is necessary.

The program offers:

  • Specialized transportation
  • Safe shelter
  • Medical monitoring
  • Wellness checks

Who is eligible?

Miami-Dade residents who on a daily basis require skilled nursing care, assistance with daily living, or have life-saving medical equipment dependent on electricity should register with the EEAP.

How can people register?

Miami Beach residents can call the Miami-Dade Answer Center at 311 (TTY 305.468.5402) and request an application to be mailed, or download the application from the Miami-Dade County Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program website. Click on “How to Register.”

The application is available in Creole, English, and Spanish. Please fill out the application and return it to the address listed. Your vital medical information will help Miami-Dade County determine your eligibility for the program and the types of services you’ll need. Please have your doctor sign the form to declare medical need for transport to a medical shelter in the event of an emergency. If eligible, you will be assigned to an appropriate facility, and a determination will be made on the transportation type. Miami-Dade OEM will then notify you in writing of your assigned location.

Don’t wait; when a disaster is occurring, services will be limited. You can deny services when called, but the program won’t call you if you are not registered.