Boats And Cars


Prepare to move your boat when a hurricane is likely, even before a Hurricane Watch is issued. If you wait too long to relocate the boat, bridges may be locked down and you may not be able to get your boat and yourself to safety. Be advised that high-rise storage racks can be toppled by a storm’s high winds. If possible, put your boat on a trailer and take it further inland. If you must leave your boat in water, make sure it is securely anchored, secure extra lines and add chafe protection. Check with your local marina for more advice. Most important: Have a predetermined boat plan as you would for your other belongings.

Vehicle Storage for Residents

Participating municipal parking garages will be made available for residents to safeguard their vehicle during hurricanes and tropical storm events that impact Miami Beach.
Upon the issuance of a Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Warning or if an evacuation order is issued for Miami Beach by the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management, residents may bring their vehicles on a first-come, first-served basis. The garages are safer places to store your vehicle than out in the open, but please be aware that you park your vehicle at your own risk.
The severity and impact of each weather event varies per incident. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the duration of this service for each weather event. However, as a general rule, the program will be in effect from the issuance of one of the aforementioned notifications until the city returns to normal operations, as determined by the City Manager or designee. For more information, call the Parking Department at 305.673.7505.