Emergency Planning for Businesses

Miami Beach Businesses

Every business should have an emergency plan. Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorism, and other potential hazards pose serious threats to businesses everywhere. How quickly your company can get back to business after a disaster or crisis often depends on emergency planning done today.

Our weather can be very unpredictable. Strong storms can develop very quickly, even if they don’t develop into hurricanes. Public safety is paramount. If you receive information from the City of Miami Beach advising that your business should take certain preventative actions, such as pulling in umbrellas, tables and chairs, or rolling in awnings, please pay heed to the direction. The City advises that you take an abundance of caution in ensuring that your business and your patrons are safe. Because of the uncertainty of weather developments, decisions may be made asking the business community to make preparations even though storm warnings have not been issued. Please understand that this is in the interest of public safety. When a hurricane warning is issued, Code Compliance Officers and Police personnel will enforce compliance. Being prepared as early as possible can make the difference between secured property and destructive damage.

Business Checklist

  • Allow employees adequate time to prepare themselves and their homes.
  • Keep emergency contact information for all personnel, and keep it current.
  • Have multiple back-ups of critical data and, if possible, store that off premises.
  • Checks, titles and financial information should be stored in water-tight containers, or off-premises.
  • If a storm is imminent, protect computer and electronic equipment by wrapping it in plastic and pulling it away from windows.

More information can be found in the City’s Hurricane Guide Below