Preparing Your Home

Prepare Your Home

Make a plan to secure your home/property (and who will do it) and to assist any family members who may need assistance putting up shutters, removing patio furniture and other items that may become projectiles in high winds, etc. A prepared home is a resilient one.

  • Know your home’s vulnerabilities. Inventory your home possessions and videotape or photograph items of value, including cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.
  • Review your insurance policies to ensure you have adequate coverage.
  • Keep important records, such as passports and birth certificates, as well as insurance policies, vehicles titles, photo/video inventory of your home, etc. in a water-proof and fire-proof container.

Quick Home Inspection

The following should be done well in advance, not when a storm is approaching.
Inspect your roof.

  • Prune trees well in advance of hurricane season. You don’t want to create debris when a storm is near. Make sure trees don’t touch your roof or power lines.
  • Review your insurance policies for proper coverage.
  • Check your shutters (practice installing them, especially if you bought a new home or new shutters).
  • Test your generator and chainsaw for proper operation. Know the safety precautions. Click here for more information about generator safety

Items to take care of when a storm is approaching:

  • Take down and bring in any garbage cans, plants, furniture, umbrellas, signs, tables, and other loose and/or unsecured structures from outdoors, including on balconies.
  • Board up windows and glass doors. (DO NOT TAPE WINDOWS and do not leave any windows or doors ajar).
  • Fill medical prescriptions.
  • Fill propane gas and car gasoline tank.
  • Unplug TV/computer and bring antenna and satellite dish inside.
  • Move furniture and electronics away from windows and cover with plastic.
  • Pull curtains, blinds and shutters closed.
  • Turn off your water service and turn off electricity.
  • Turn off gas appliances at shut-off valve inside the house.
  • Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting.
  • Place valuables in waterproof containers and store in high places.
  • Apartment or condo: minimize damage by securing doors and windows; unsecured areas of neighboring units can cause damage to your unit too.
  • Pool: turn off electricity to pool equipment, cover the pool pump and add extra chlorine to your pool.